Getting started

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Quick start (Install & run example)

The single script will install Julia & DFTforge & Jx

git clone
cd Jx.jl

Run example


The ./ script will perform the MFT calculation for G-type antiferromagnetic NiO. Details are as follows:

  1. Extract the NiO Hamiltonian result file precomputed with OpenMX, and
  2. Perform the MFT calculation.
  3. Save Jij to CSV files and plot Jij to PDF file.

Step by step installation

1. Download the Jx code

git clone

2. Install Julia

Julia1.3 Julia1.4 Julia1.5 Julia1.6

Currently we support latest Julia 1.3-1.6.* (

  • For Linux system:

Using Julia auto-installer for Linux

echo 'export PATH=~/opt/bin:$PATH' >>~/.profile
echo 'export PATH=~/opt/bin:$PATH' >>~/.bashrc
JULIA_INSTALL=~/opt/bin bash -ci "$(curl –fsSL"
  • For OSX

Install Homebrew

brew cask install julia
brew cask upgrade julia

3. Install DFTforge

import Pkg

4.Run example

G-type AFM (anti ferromagnetic) NiO example


See the NiO example page for the procedure the script does.